Simply Elegant Cell Phone Crochet Pouch


Long time ago I got an order to make a cell phone crochet pouch. The buyer wanted the crochet pouch in brown. I thought how to make one color cell phone pouch, but not plain. Finally, I used hdc and an extended variation of hdc. Simple, not complicated, quickly finished, and not boring. The result is simply elegant.

At that time I didn’t write the pattern. So I tried to make it again for my own cell phone that really needs a pouch as a protector, especially if it is put in a bag. Because my bag is filled with knick-knacks that make phone prone to scratches.

I made this pattern for 15″ cell phone with dimensions of width 7.5 cm, length 15.8 cm, thickness 1 cm (including the softcase). The material I used is small ply cotton yarn with Tulip hook no 3/0. (Note: cell phone in the pictures is just a model , because I used my cell phone to take photos)

If you want to make for a smaller or larger cell phone size, the pattern can be adjusted by increasing the number of ch by multiples of 2. The odd number is also not a problem, but it’s easier to adjust to the pattern if it’s even.

This pattern consists of two sections, plain and patterned. The number of circles for each section can be increased or decreased according to your desire or the length of the phone.

After the wallet is finished, I think the patterned part is not wide enough. But I still like it, especially the stunning red 😀

This project is very easy any begginer can do it. Please enjoy 😉


ch = chain
hdc = half double crochet
hdc inc = 2 hdc in a stitch
hcd dec = 1 hdc accros 2 stitches
ehdc = extended hdc one round below
sl st = slip stitch

Note: See step by step how to make ehdc in here.


Close each round with sl st in 1st hdc.
Base:                20 ch, skip 2 ch, 18 hdc, 2 ch, turn (18)
Round 1:          18 hdc, 2 hdc in the base edge, 18 hdc, 2 hdc in the base edge, sl st, 2 ch, turn (40)
Round 2:          2 hdc inc, 19 hdc, 2 hdc  inc, 19 hdc, sl st, 2 ch, turn (42)
Round 3-5:      42 hdc, sl st, 2 ch, turn [3 rounds] (42)
Round 6-8:      *hdc, ehdc* 21 times, sl st, 2 ch, turn [3 rounds] (42)
Round 9-13:    42 hdc, sl st, 2 ch, turn [5 rounds] (42)
Round 14-16:  *hdc, ehdc* 21 times, sl st, 2 ch, turn [3 rounds] (42)
Round 17-21:  42 hdc, sl st, 2 ch, turn [5 rounds] (42)
Round 22-24:  *hdc, ehdc* 21 times, sl st, 2 ch, turn [3 rounds] (42)
Round 25-31:  42 hdc, sl st [7 rounds] (42)
Continue make the lid.


Work in row.
Row 1:       sl st, 2 ch, 1 hdc in a same stitch of sl st, 15 dc, 2 ch, turn (16)
Row 2-4:   16 hdc, 2 ch, turn [3 row] (16)
Row 5:       2 hdc dec, 12 hdc, 2 hdc dec, 2 ch, turn (14)
Row 6-7:   14 hdc, 2 ch, turn (14)
Row 8:       5 hdc, 4 ch, skip 4 stitch, 5 hdc, 2 ch, turn (14)
Row 9:  2 hdc dec, 3 hdc, 4 hdc in a hole from 4 ch, 3 hdc, 2 hdc dec, sl st (12)

Fasten off.

Sew the button.

If you made this project and would like to share photos, I’d absolutely love to see! Here are links for sharing your finished creation. Or, feel free to share in the comment below!

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