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Hi, I’m Sabbathea Natalie, but you can call me Thea.

Welcome to Crochethea. In this blog you can read crochet patterns for free. If you need a printable PDF pattern, you can purchase it in the Shop area. The payment method is easy and the link to download the PDF file will be sent directly to your email address. PDF crochet patterns are also available on Etsy, Ravelry, and Ko-fi Shop.

I have known crochet techniques since I was in elementary school. If I’m not mistaken, my first work was a triangular shawl made of acrylic yarn.

Every time I came home from school, I accompanied my mother to look after the shop and I learnt to crochet from my mother to fill my spare time. I still remember my struggle to make scarf day after day. The result was very satisfying for me. But sadly, my first work is nowhere to be found.

After that my other works were not far from the scarf and pencil case. Then I knew the other crochet works from my aunts. Indeed, almost all of my aunts in my extended family can crochet.

One of the works that caught my attention was amigurumi or crochet dolls. Even though I only got to know amigurumi after graduating from college, I started to do it little by little. Starting from looking for sources from the internet or buying amigurumi crochet guide books.

I usually crochet for my own use or give it as a gift. I am very happy to see the happy faces of friends who accept my work.

One day I ventured to offer my crochet work for sale. Unexpectedly my friends are quite interested. At first I received orders to make cellphone wallets, sometimes I also received orders in the form of scarves, coin purses, amigurumi, and others.

Besides that, my interest in amigurumi is getting bigger and I am also trying to modify the amigurumi from the patterns that I get. Then my ability is growing so that I can design my own pattern. Even though it’s still simple, it feels really good to be able to make my own amigurumi patterns.

That’s where I started thinking about publishing the amigurumi patterns I made on a blog. I wish other people could make it too.

Creating a blog is not a new thing to me. Since college I’ve had a personal blog and several other blogs. But I want to be more serious about managing a crochet blog.

I have learned many things on my own and have experienced ups and downs in my work. Even though I can’t update as often as I want because of my main job, this blog motivated me to keep working and sharing with all my crochet friends. Unexpectedly Crochethea blog can develop to this day.

At the end of 2021 I gave up my main job and became a full time crocheter starting in 2022. This journey will be a whole new story and I hope to share it at another time.

Hopefully Crochethea blog will provide benefits and happiness for all of you!

error: To protect my work, I have disable right click and printing on my site. Thank you for your understanding!
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