Cactus Heart Amigurumi for Someone Special


This Valentine-themed work was actually made suddenly because I didn’t include a special theme for Valentine when making plans for February. I have even scheduled another topic. But somehow I changed my mind. Maybe because I saw works with Valentine themes on social media, both on Instagram and Facebook. Besides, I also want to give something to my loved one (ahem).

So, be the Cactus Heart Amigurumi which pattern I got from the Minasscraft blog by Yazmina Castro. This amigurumi is perfect for an impromptu Valentine project ;p

I used Tulip hook no 4/0, big ply cotton yarn (pink and brown), and a milk cotton yarn (if I’m not mistaken) that was just right for the pot. I used another pattern for the flower because I made it with small ply cotton yarn.

I did not add pipe cleaning to straighten the “neck”, but I only filled it with stuffing until it was stiff. I filled the inside of the pot with small stones and stuffing as instructed. For eyes, I used 8 mm safety eyes. Once finished, the height of Amigurumi Cactus Heart is about 11 cm.

This amigurumi was a very cute surprise for him! >.<)

Thank you for the pattern \(^o^)/



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