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Simply Cute Octopus Crochet Pattern


I first shared this simply cute octopus crochet pattern for sale on Ravelry in October 2018. Then I opened a limited free class via WhatsApp in November 2019. Now in 2022 I’m sharing simply cute octopus crochet pattern for free on Crochethea blog! This is a perfect crochet pattern for beginners.

I didn’t make any changes to the pattern. You can crochet the octopus amigurumi without sewing, it’s easy pattern to crochet and fast to make. I crocheted two new octopuses to take some photos for this post because my other octopuses are already sold.

You can read simply cute octopus crochet pattern FREE in this post. Simply cute octopus PDF crochet pattern is also available to purchase on my Blog Shop, Etsy, and Ravelry.

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Happy crocheting!


Crochet Pattern

Video Tutorial on My Youtube Channel


Simply cute octopus is about 5 cm (2 inches) tall and the diameter is about 3.5 cm (1.38 inches). I used small ply Balinese cotton yarn (sport yarn) and Tulip hook no. 2 (2.00 mm). The similar yarn you can use is Schachenmayr Catania (100% cotton; 50 g (1.8 oz); 125 m (137yds)).
Its size may vary according to the materials you used.


Sport yarn
2 mm crochet hook
6 mm safety eyes
Polyester filling
Tapestry needle

Abbreviations (US Terms)

ch = chain
sc = single crochet
inc = increase (2 sc in a stitch)
dec = decrease (sc across two stitches)
sl st = slip stitch
FLO = front loop only
BLO = back loop only

Round 1: Magic ring, 6 sc (6)
Round 2: *inc* 6 times (12)
Round 3: *1 sc, inc* 6 times (18)
Round 4: *2 sc, inc* 6 times (24)
Round 5: *3 sc, inc* 6 times (30)
Round 6-8: sc in each stitch – 3 rounds  (30)
Round 9: *4 sc, dec* 5 times (25)
Round 10: sc in each stitch (25)
Round 11: *3 sc, dec* 5 times (20)
Round 12: sc in each stitch (20)
Round 13: *2 sc, dec* 5 times (15)
Round 14: sc in each stitch (15)
Attach eyes between Round 12 and 13
Stuff as you go
Round 15: *3 sc, dec* 3 times (12)
Round 16: sc in each stitch (12)
Round 17: *2 sc, inc* 4 times (16)

head octopus crochet pattern


FLO *sc in next stitch, 25 ch, skip 1 ch, sc in next 24 ch, sl st in next stitch* make 8.
Do not cut the yarn, continue to close the hole.

Close the hole

BLO on Round 17 *dec* 8 times, dec until the hole closed.
Stuff before close the hole. Fasten off.

Finished \(^o^)/

simply cute octopus crochet pattern

I also made the octopus with soft cotton acrylic yarn and Tulip hook no. 4 (2.5 mm), it’s 8 cm (3,1 inches) tall.

simply cute amigurumi crochet pattern

If you made this project and would like to share photos, I’d absolutely love to see! Here are links for sharing your finished creation. Or, feel free to share in the comment below!

simply cute octopus crochet pattern

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