No Face Amigurumi Free Pattern (from Spirited Away movie)


Are you a crocheter and come here because you are a fan of Spirited Away movie, especially No Face character? If the answer is yes, you have came to the right place. I made this No Face amigurumi crochet pattern for you XD

But if you just lost your way here, I suggest you to watch Spirited Away anime movie. It’s an interesting and unique movie.

No Face Spirited Away amigurumi pattern

Spirited Away is the first movie of studio Ghibli production that I watched and I love it so much. I can rewatch it for may times! No Face (or Kaonashi in Japan) is a unique character in the movie and very memorable.

If you followed my Instagram, maybe you have recognized that No Face amigurumi picture that I use here is an old photos. My sisters took those pictures. I think she has talent in photography.

I wrote this No Face amigurumi crochet pattern long ago. At that time I had to try a couple of times before I got the shape of No Face amigurumi that I want. Not just straight but a bit bumpy, just like its character in the movie that have an unclear shape ;p Please enjoy.

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Crochet Pattern

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Black yarn
White yarn
Gray yarn
Crochet hook
Tapestry needle


MR = magic ring
ch = chain
sc = single crochet
inc/2 sc inc = increase (2 sc per stitch)
3 sc inc = 3 sc per stitch
dec = decrease (sc across two stitches)
sl st = slip stitch
f/o = fasten off


Work in continuous round
R1 : Use black yarn. MR, 6 sc (6)
R2 : *inc* 6 times (12)
R3 : *1 sc, inc* 5 times, give a marker, this is front of head, 1 sc, inc (18)
R4 : *2 sc, inc* 6 times (24)
R5-10 : sc in each stitch, 6 rounds (24)
R11 : *4 sc, dec* 4 times (20)
R12 : 5 sc, *4 sc, inc* 3 times (23)
R13 : 10 sc, inc, 12 sc (24)
R14-19 : sc in each stitch, 6 rounds (24)
R20 : *10 sc, dec* 2 times (22)
R21 : *9 sc, dec* 2 times (20)
R22 : *9 sc, inc* (22)
R23 : *10 sc, inc* (24)
R24-26 : sc in each stitch, 3 rounds (24)
R27 : BLO *1 sc, dec* 8 times (16)
Make a base thick cardboard or unused card. Fill with stuffing before insert the base.
This base will help No Face to stand.
R28 : *dec* 8 times (8)
R29 : *dec* 2 times (4)

bottom body


Work in closed round (don’t turn)
R1 : 3 ch, sc in 2nd ch, 3 sc inc, 2 sc inc, sl st (6)
R2 : 1 ch, *2 sc inc, 2 sc inc, sc* 2 times, sl st (10)
R3 : 1 ch, *2 sc inc, 2 sc* 4 times, sl st (16)
R4 : 1 ch, 2 sc inc, 2 sc inc, *3 sc, 2 sc inc, 2 sc inc, 2 sc inc* 2 times, sl st (22)
Leave a tail for sewing to body.
Embroider with black and gray yarn to make eyes and mouth.
Sew the mask based on the marker as a guide.

Arms (make 2)

10 ch, skip 1 ch, 9 sc (9)
Leave a tail for sewing to body.


Row 1 : 3 ch, skip 1 ch, 2 sc, turn (2)
Row 2 : 1 ch, 2 sc, sl st (2)
Embroider with black yarn.
Sew or glue card to arms.

no face spirited away amigurumi pattern

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No Face amigurumi is inspired from Spirited Away.
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1 thought on “No Face Amigurumi Free Pattern (from Spirited Away movie)”

  1. I finished this guy. It was pretty easy but I’m not too good with “faces” for our NO FACE. Critter.
    I used a large button as a base because I get a sturdy enough cardboard.

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